Plastek Industrial Co.,LTD.. is an engineering company which was established in 1988 with the philosophy and major goal of serving the worldwide plastics processing industries and to do this through the supply of high quality CE-rated ancillary equipment and automation systems. Plastek probably is the only one well-organized professional engineering company dealing in this particular field in Asia. All the major shareholders of the company are leading Taiwanese ancillary & auxiliary equipment manufacturers who are already involved in the manufacturing field for more than 30 years, they have also formed a business alliance with this company.

Plastek has many years of experience in the development and supply of ancillary & auxiliary equipment for the plastics processing industries. All our products are designed and built to comply with CE safety requirements, particularly in relation to electrical standards whilst still providing value for money. In addition to high quality products, we spend a considerable amount of our research and development budgets in producing comprehensive operation instructions and manuals, together with ensuring that, for all our products, we have an established technical service team to provide the assistance and support expected and demanded by our worldwide distributors and customers.

Plastek deeply understand what product quality and reliability mean to the customers, so that from the initial design through manufacture to assembly and running test our rigorous quality check procedures are carried seriously to ensure that all our products can withstand the continuous operation in the harsh plastics industrial environments.

With the headquarters situated in Taiwan, distributors in United Kingdom, France, Turkey, India, United States, Australia and New Zealand, and agents in many other countries. Plastek invite you to join our sales network in your territory, contact us TODAY to share our potential business profit.

Sincerely Yours,
Plastek Industrial Co.,LTD.

Steven Huang
Managing Director