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  SD series Twin-desiccant Dehumidifiers
@Illustration for Twin-desiccant Dehumidified drying system.
SD.H series Honeycle Dehumidifiers
@Illustration for Honeycle Dehumidified drying system.
Hot Air Dryers
  SHD(A) series Mipronic Hot Air Dryers
SHD series Economic Hot Air Dryers
@Accessories for Hot Air Dryers
Compact Dehumidifying Dryers

CDD series Twin-desiccant Compact Dehumidifying Dryers
@Flow diagram for Twin-desiccant Compact Dehumidifying Dryers
CDD.H series Honeycle Compact Dehumidifying Dryers
@Flow diagram for Honeycle Compact Dehumidifying Dryers
Mould Heaters
  STM120-O series Oil Mould Heaters
@ STM120-W series Water Mould Heaters

@How to Choose a PLASTEK Mould Heaters
Hopper Loaders
  SAL300 series "Single-phase integral powered" Hopper Loaders
@ SAL400 series "Three-phase integral powered" Hopper Loaders

SAL800-3000 series "Three-phase separate powered" Hopper Loaders
@Conveying capacities for SAL800-3000 series Hopper Loaders
Water Chillers

YT series Air-Cooled Water Chillers
KT series Water-Cooled Water Chillers
@How to Choose a PLASTEK Water Chillers
  PCK260 Sprue Granulator
PCK series General Purpose Granulators
Belt Conveyors
  PCM series "Horizontal to Incline" Belt Conveyors
@Dimension diagram for PCM series conveyors
PCD series "Horizontal to Decline" Belt Conveyors
@PCF series "Standard Straight" Belt Conveyors

@Dimension diagram for PCD series conveyors
@Dimension diagram for PCF series conveyors
Ratio Mixing Valve
  VR2 Ratio Mixing Valve